Friday, August 24, 2007

Quickbuild Classic Colonial Dollhouses. Finished Dollhouses made fast!

Learn more about the revolutionary Quickbuild Dollhouse System. They go together in about an hour and are made of prefinished panels with the painting and wallpapering already done for you! Amazing. Click play below to hear more.

Quickbuild Dollhouse - Finished Dollhouses Made Fast

Finished dollhouses can be expensive. Kit dollhouses can take too much time. Quickbuild dollhouses are affordable and finished in a matter of an hour or two! Learn more about the Quickbuild Classic Colonial Dollhouse.

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Finished Vermont Farmhouse Jr. Dollhouse is a Big Hit!

Learn more about this fabulous dollhouse that comes ready to decorate right out of the box! Click play below to hear more.

Finished Dollhouse Right Out of the Box!
The Vermont Farmhouse Jr. Dollhouse

Sometimes you want to spend your time decorating your dollhouse, not building it from scratch for a few weeks or months. Completely finished dollhouses are the answer. Learn more about the Finished Vermont Farmhouse Jr. Dollhouse

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